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January 18, 2010

Another book I’m in the middle of…

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Okay, I told you about the audio book I listened to. Now I want to share with you a book that I’m actually reading. At night, when the frenzy of the day is over with, the dishes have been washed, and when the house is quiet, I get in a bit of reading, or writing as is usually the case.

I’m smiling as I type this because I’m recalling the book that happens to be a slight mystery. None of that Sherlock Holmes stuff–no offense if you like it, but this story is turning out to be fun, sort of like an enchanting little caper.  It’s about a young woman who finds a family. However, the family may not be hers for much longer… She is actually a nanny who is in love with a young sexy widower. Now Sexy will soon marry. Of course he didn’t pick someone lovely, curvaceous, and smart like our main character.  No, Sexy picked a model thin viper who would love nothing more than to fire our nanny, for obvious reasons.  Although sexy widower has only been a gentleman and has never once hinted at being interested in our nanny. He’s sort of getting on my nerves, and he’s driving the nanny insane because we all know he wants her.  (We know because the author allows us to see inside his head. We get to read his mind!) Love it. That’s one of the things that I also do while crafting a novel. I think it gives further insight into a character; but enough of that, and back to the story.

Amid the bits of snarling between the women, over sexy widower, people are sneaking around the neighborhood, getting into who knows what. Therefore, seeing all, and noticing that it is out of character for most of those involved, including sexy widower, our nanny becomes a fledgling sleuth. With quick wit, and a razor-sharp mind, she makes me laugh. In the story, she also unwittingly makes the men drool. That’s half the fun.

I’ll tell you, I sat up until all hours voraciously reading, trying to figure out what is going on. I can honestly say, I do not have it figured out, yet. However, that doesn’t bother me, because tonight, after ’24’ on Fox–my husband’s show,  after the kitchen is clean, and after the house begins to settle, I’m going back. I am ‘going to’ that cute, fictitious sub-division, and if I have to sit up till the sun rises, the nanny and I have work to do. We will figure out what is going on! And how Sexy fits into it all.

Hopefully, we’ll also get sexy widower to kick pencil-thin viper to the curb–if he doesn’t turn out to be a criminal.  Yes, because I want our nanny and Sexy to indulge in what the author calls ‘glorious sex.’  As an author reading another author I have to inquire, is that too much to ask for?


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