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January 26, 2010

Soon to be released…

I am excited about a book I’ve written. It will be released before summer 2010. As the time approaches I will let you know. However, right now I just want to tell you a little bit about it. The name of the book is Turnabout. It is adult fiction as is most of what I write. Unlike prior works however, this novel is more a traditional romance. But then again, I can’t even say that, because nothing I write is traditional.

So let’s just get to the premise. There is a woman, sexy, savvy–as are most of my female lead characters. This particular one happens to take care of everyone in her circle of family and friends. She is the one they all turn to when in need of comfort, a listening ear, whatever. Well our lady finds herself with a dilemma. Therefore while writing that in, I had to ask: who should she turn to when in need of comfort and a listening ear?

Light bulb over my head! I began to write in a rugged male lead. Had to then give him a job, and purpose in life; so I did this. I tweaked and fiddled with the type of person our lady would need him to be, and I came up with Joseph. Ladies, I believe you’re going to like him. Hear me now…  I did not make him perfect. You know that truly unreal man that we often see in novels? Well no, he’s not that guy. Our guy is flawed, because isn’t that how people are in real life? I’ve gotta make art mirror life, so this man has his own issues, as does our lady–whose name is Abigail.

Enter another man. This one is a mess! He may or may not be likable. You the reader get to decide. He’s the bad-boy, the smooth, suave, basically soulless character that we all have met. You know I had to let him get in the mix and cause trouble for Abigail and Joseph. The trick though, was to write in how they would handle him, and the trouble.  Since I’ve got to run right now, I’ll just tell you that it’s a whole heap of fun–and tears. Anyone who reads me knows I’ve got to bring the tears–the emotion.  With this novel, I can say that I’ve given it my all. It’s what I try to do, always. Nothing worse than reading something that barely scratches the surface of human emotions.

I’ll tell you more about it, when and where you can get it, and other things. I’ll do that in days to come, but just think about it. You just may want to pick it up! Amazon.com

Make today a good one.


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