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February 1, 2010

More About Exodus

Back to where I left off… I told you about my novel EXODUS, a mystery that hints at the supernatural. This is adult fiction, containing wit, sass, and eroticism. One reader kept messaging me as she read, asking all sorts of questions. I understood these were rhetorical because at the end of each message she would say, “Don’t answer that. I’ve got to go find out what happens now.”

An intriguing erotic mystery

So, in this thought-provoking tale which is the first in a trilogy, I mentioned Aqua the sultry leading lady. Well now I’ve got you to the part where she and the dashing Latin Noel realize there’s heat between them. He gives Aqua the digits. Obviously, she calls him at some point, and thus their adventure.

The couple wind up island-hopping, and eventually find themselves on a little known Isle with a strange name. Now, I must tell you, the pair were advised not to make this trip. But they are grown, so they did what they had to do.

On the little known isle, strange things begin to happen… Aqua begins to sleep walk–although she has never done so before in her life. In the dark of night she glides through the bayou, despite the murky swamp world being filled with ravenous alligators.

Now I tell you all this because I need to get to the sequel which I’m polishing up for soon release. I’ll soon give you the name of it. Oh, I’m excited about it! because in it you again connect with characters from EXODUS, even some that may have seemed obscure. However, there are new people, and these characters are just as interesting, or maybe more so than those you ‘met’ in EXODUS.

Oh–time’s up. You know I’ve got to run.  I’ll be back though, because we’ve got to get through this, so stay tuned… and I’ll get with you soon.

Make today a good one!



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