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June 27, 2013

One of my new favorite songstresses is…

jaime Paul

Okay, so we’ve all heard certain songs a thousand times. Yet every once in a while a song or a song-stylist makes us do a double-take. Well, I had that experience not long ago. I even had to ask, “Who was that?

In my opinion, it takes a special kind of artist to cause people to stop and take notice; just go cold in their tracks. Young Whitney Houston did it, and now one of my new favorite songstresses is doing it. She singes great American standards, soul and some jazz. Her name is Jaimee Paul and to find out more, click here.

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June 21, 2013

Consider Stillness

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You know you loved a book when it stays on your mind, and when what you felt when you read it stays with you…

April Alisa Marquette's Blog

There is a book that I’d read a while back and I could not think of the name of it. I knew that upon beginning to read that particular book I’d garnered such a sense of peace. I could see the cover of the book in my mind, but the words just would not come clear.

Then I remembered. I’d been so enamored with the book that I’d had to blog about it, thus this re-post. Do enjoy…

I’ve recently begun to read Thomas Merton’s ‘A Book of Hours.’ A monk at the Trappist Monastery of the Abbey of Gethsemani, Merton has led the way for many in their search for the divine. Upon reading the first few pages of the book, I sensed the peace that this devout servant strove for. I like that he advises us to listen, in silence, and to surrender to silence when we are…

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June 19, 2013

If you’re avoiding people, I can suggest another way…

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kitty hiding

Want to avoid others? Well there is an app for that. I’m not kidding.

In one article it is called the anti-social media app. It is said to help people avoid their Foursquare friends. No need to ever hide again, peeking out from somewhere as your heart jack hammers away. I got you. I’m going to suggest another way.

For those who don’t know what Foursquare is, or those who want to read more, click here.

And as always, be blessed.


June 13, 2013

Somebody help…please.

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I am so challenged. When it comes to all the new stuff with blogging, I am lost. Heck, I’m lost after I type in what I want to say. I’m not ashamed to admit it either. That’s the reason I need some help. So I’m calling all technical people.

First off, I have a gravatar, but I’m not sure how to really work it. I suppose it goes wherever I post online. Let me know if I’m wrong. Tell me too how I can get to other people’s sites when I see their gravatar(s). I know there are great blogs out there that I have yet to read and follow, but how? I see the gravatars of others when they see mine–I suppose, but I want to learn how to interact.

If there are other things I need to know about this, then someone please point me to a post about it. Oh, and please let the post be simple, like ‘Gravatar Basics for Dummies.’

I thank you in advance for all your help.


Wanna get fit? No gimmicks here.

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fat girl

Hello there,

It seems we’re in that portion of the year where everyone wants to get and appear fit. Still, there are so many gimmicks out there. Every clown and his mama are trying to take your money –for some DVD that you’ll never use, or for some class that you’ll sign up for but never go to. Or worse yet, for some meal plan that will starve you and make you meaner than the devil. I know. I’ve been there.

So I know you’ve heard this before… You can walk your way to fitness. Hang on. Don’t shut me down. Just let me say it again –because it’s true. Walking can help you shed pounds.

I know because there was a time when I looked like someone had blown me up with an air pump. I’ve even got photos to prove it. I’m not going to let you see them, and quit laughing; it wasn’t funny, and it sure wasn’t pretty. However, walking truly helped me. It can help you too. It’s simple. To read more, click here

June 5, 2013

This phone call was no harmless prank.

Hello friends,

The Call  I’ve been meaning to tell you about a movie I saw recently. Halle Berry stars in it. Morris Chestnut is her love interest and the name of the flick, directed by Brad Anderson is The Call.

Now I’ve got to tell you, when I saw the trailers I didn’t think it would be something I’d really want to see.
Boy was I wrong!
To read more, click here

February 27, 2012

Book Review: Iniquities by April Alisa Marquette

Book Review: Iniquities by April Alisa Marquette.

Read Tamela Quijas’ stunning review of ‘Iniquities’ Book III in The Cohort Trilogy!


November 17, 2010

Is DWTS A Dancing Contest or a Popularity Contest?

I am so disappointed, actually I feel betrayed. Sure, it may seem petty, but I have to talk about it. I’ve been watching ABC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars’ (DWTS) on television, and as a writer, editor and motivational speaker , I don’t have a lot of time to just kick it. So this has been my little gift to myself, the time to sit and absorb the music, the dance, and the beauty. The thing is: now it’s time for the finals… and my favorite is gone. What kind of foolishness is this? I was rooting for Brandy and Jennifer. However, now I have to sit back and see how I feel, now that one of them is gone.

Like Fox t.v.’s ‘American Idol,’ ‘Dancing’ is starting to get on my nerves. Why? Because the audience gets to vote. Hey, I’m all for democracy, but I still think there should be some type of DWTS electoral college. I believe the judges should have the last say, or they should at least be able to rescue someone if the voting public, the viewing audience gets it wrong. And I say the viewers got it wrong last night, because there is no way that Brandy the singer, who has blossomed into a wonderful dancer, should have gone home. The fun of the show was knowing that she and actress Jennifer Grey, a superb dancer in her own right, were going to be in the finals.

The excitement, for me, was that they would face off, against each other, since they happen to be the top two dancers. Both have beautiful moves, they give it their all — granted Jennifer cried a little too much for me, and someone said that Brandy wanted the Mirror Ball Trophy a little too much — but each dancer has to have their quirks right? However, the other people who are left to go into the finals… honestly, I don’t think they should be there, plain and simple. Bristol Palin seems to be a sweet, and she appears to slowly be emerging from her shell, quite possibly stepping out of her famous mother’s shadow. Kyle Massey happens to be a Disney favorite; he is charming and such a showman! But he and Bristol are not the greatest dancers, to put it plainly. Both have repeatedly been in the lower scoring tiers. In my opinion, at least one of them should have to watch from home, or they should have to watch the finals from the sidelines. Yet they are in the finals!

To the show producers I have something to say. If the judges have given a dancing couple the lowest scores, and this is consistently the case, eject that couple. Applaud them for effort, but eliminate them, let them go home. Or other viewers may begin to feel like I feel. They may even ask the question, does popularity matter more than achievement? Or perhaps viewers may ask: is the show more about who (or whose family) can best manipulate the media? Producers, you hired the judges because they are professionals; they know dance, and theory. They know what true dance aficionados are looking for, whereas the viewing audience may simply see the show — not as a dance contest, but as a popularity contest.

November 3, 2010

Sowing — What Makes This Story Relevant

Hi all,

I want to share a story with you. It is one that I co-authored with Jessica Janna, renowned New York evangelist and song stylist. The name of her book is Sowing. It is the second install in her Relinquish and Reap Series, a collection of her memories.

Jessica, who is now seventy-something, recounts her years as an adolescent in the purse-sized book Sowing. She shares with readers some experiences of hers that became her secrets to carry… until now.

To read more about this remarkable woman of faith, take a peek at the review written by BellaOnline.com’s Christian Literature Editor, Lyn Sedmina.

It is my hope that after reading the review and the book, you will see what makes Jessica and her story — told in seven volumes — one for each decade of her life — relevant.

Available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and Books-a-Million.com

October 20, 2010

Now On Amazon Kindle – EXODUS

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You have got to read my novel EXODUS. It is so hot until I’ve got to say so myself. Okay, maybe I’m nearly breaking my arm to pat myself on the back, but I’ve got to tell you, this is some of my best work to date! There’s this great mystery going on, there are steamy scenes, and you just may find that you’ll want to sleep with the lights on.

I’ll give you an overview:

Sultry Aqua wants to get married. Her significant other wants to get laid. Yet he proposes—that she should fill in for his supper club’s absentee hostess. Thus Aqua meets the dashing Latin Noel who invites her to accompany him to several coastal isles.

Despite dire warnings not to go, the sexy pair make the island-hopping trek, and strange things begin to happen. On a little known isle Aqua sleepwalks. At night she glides through the bayou and alligator filled swamps. During the day, she drifts down hallways dusty with disuse. Then upon becoming privy to the most disturbing thing of all, she takes refuge in a centuries-old cemetery, as around her, all hell breaks loose!

With no other option, the High Priestess from a neighboring isle is summoned, and Aqua can only hope this woman will arrive … before too late.

Get your copy today! on Amazon Kindle  $5.99 — You can’t possibly go wrong!!

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