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June 14, 2014

Reviewers didn’t fudge when they said

by Wendy Webb

by Wendy Webb

Hello lovely reader. I recently had the pleasure of reading a book by author Wendy Webb. Titled THE FATE OF MERCY ALBAN, this book is in turns creepy and chilling.  I tell you, reviewers did not fudge when they said it was gothic, mysterious and spellbinding. It is quite simply put, a good old fashioned thriller.  It is the type of book you’d read on a stormy night.

Then you will want to sleep with the lights on. I’m telling you, I had so much fun reading this. Set on a remote island, with people who seem more ghostly than alive, it reminded me, somewhat, of my novel EXODUS.

I have to tell you, this book had twists and  turns and the heroine sometimes had no idea whether she was going or coming. There is a love interest in the book, and there is another man. He is oh so ill-mannered, the very type of character readers love to hate on. There is a teenager with the proverbial near-rotten attitude and there are twists and turns, literally, that you the reader won’t see coming.

If you want to be just a bit scared, a lot intrigued, and ready for the next book when you finish, pick this up. Then go do yourself another favor, get my EXODUS. Travel to that little island, and let the goings-on give you the creeps again as you wonder ‘What the heck is going on now?’

Well readers, I’ve got to run but until we meet again, two things.

Happy reading.

Be blessed.



June 13, 2013

Wanna get fit? No gimmicks here.

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fat girl

Hello there,

It seems we’re in that portion of the year where everyone wants to get and appear fit. Still, there are so many gimmicks out there. Every clown and his mama are trying to take your money –for some DVD that you’ll never use, or for some class that you’ll sign up for but never go to. Or worse yet, for some meal plan that will starve you and make you meaner than the devil. I know. I’ve been there.

So I know you’ve heard this before… You can walk your way to fitness. Hang on. Don’t shut me down. Just let me say it again –because it’s true. Walking can help you shed pounds.

I know because there was a time when I looked like someone had blown me up with an air pump. I’ve even got photos to prove it. I’m not going to let you see them, and quit laughing; it wasn’t funny, and it sure wasn’t pretty. However, walking truly helped me. It can help you too. It’s simple. To read more, click here

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