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October 20, 2010

Now On Amazon Kindle – EXODUS

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You have got to read my novel EXODUS. It is so hot until I’ve got to say so myself. Okay, maybe I’m nearly breaking my arm to pat myself on the back, but I’ve got to tell you, this is some of my best work to date! There’s this great mystery going on, there are steamy scenes, and you just may find that you’ll want to sleep with the lights on.

I’ll give you an overview:

Sultry Aqua wants to get married. Her significant other wants to get laid. Yet he proposes—that she should fill in for his supper club’s absentee hostess. Thus Aqua meets the dashing Latin Noel who invites her to accompany him to several coastal isles.

Despite dire warnings not to go, the sexy pair make the island-hopping trek, and strange things begin to happen. On a little known isle Aqua sleepwalks. At night she glides through the bayou and alligator filled swamps. During the day, she drifts down hallways dusty with disuse. Then upon becoming privy to the most disturbing thing of all, she takes refuge in a centuries-old cemetery, as around her, all hell breaks loose!

With no other option, the High Priestess from a neighboring isle is summoned, and Aqua can only hope this woman will arrive … before too late.

Get your copy today! on Amazon Kindle  $5.99 — You can’t possibly go wrong!!


February 12, 2010

Getting Through EXODUS

So a little bit ago I told you that in my sometimes surreal novel EXODUS, the main character, sultry Aqua feels as if her world is topsy-turvy. I mentioned that she is on the eerie island that she was warned not to go to. She is there with the Latin hunk she met while working for the man with whom she was involved. So why, you might ask, is she out in the back of beyond with Noel, Mr. Sexy. My answer, because she wanted to be. Yes, despite the heinous things going on. However, now that Aqua is asking questions…all hell has broken loose.

A thrilling Mystery by April Alisa Marquette

Someone, or something, desires to take Aqua’s life. When you read the book you will see the instances where this entity attempts to dispose of her. I am truly hoping it will give you pause, maybe even a few chills. It is what I was striving for.

Anyway, the dashing Noel, and those surrounding him, and Aqua, are fast running out of options.  Therefore, at someone’s suggestion, Noel calls for outside help.

You know how you try to try to handle a problem, but then finally you just have to throw up your proverbial hands? Well that’s where Noel found himself. It was then that he decided to reach out, and quickly too—

Will you look at the time? I’ve got to go, but I’ll see you back in a bit. You know the drill 😉

And in the meantime, enjoy whatever it  is you’re reading!

Available at Amazon.com or ask for it at Barnes & Noble or Books-A-Million bookstores!

February 4, 2010


Okay, so I’m back. Previously I was telling you about my novel EXODUS.

The first in the Sea Isles Series, a trilogy, EXODUS is adult fiction. If you like a good story, if you like to get to know the characters, and if you like to see and feel as though you’re actually in the story, then you will need to pick this up. If you like scenery, and details; if you’d like to laugh, and feel slight prickles of fear dancing up your spine from time to time, then you are going to need to check this out. If you want to see the characters again, after this story ends, this is the book for you.

But back to the story. We were at the part where the sultry lead character, Aqua, had accompanied her Latin hunk Noel to a mysterious little known island, although they received dire warnings not to go. They were told that evil would surely await them should they make the trip. Heedless, they went.

On the island, Aqua began to sleep-walk, among other things that were strange, for her. Those things she did at night. However, in the daytime she listlessly drifted down hallways dusty from disuse. As she floated along on forbidden floors in a creepy antebellum house, she became privy to many things … many truly disturbing things. And no, I won’t tell you what they are. I can’t. You know that.

I will say though that when Aqua believed she witnessed a murder, she became terrifically shaken! Then when no one around her seemed to listen or care, she became desperate, for answers– oh shoot! I’ve gotta run. But you know the drill. 😉

I’ll get back with you.

Make today a good one, and when you read, whatever it is you read, please do enjoy it!

February 1, 2010

More About Exodus

Back to where I left off… I told you about my novel EXODUS, a mystery that hints at the supernatural. This is adult fiction, containing wit, sass, and eroticism. One reader kept messaging me as she read, asking all sorts of questions. I understood these were rhetorical because at the end of each message she would say, “Don’t answer that. I’ve got to go find out what happens now.”

An intriguing erotic mystery

So, in this thought-provoking tale which is the first in a trilogy, I mentioned Aqua the sultry leading lady. Well now I’ve got you to the part where she and the dashing Latin Noel realize there’s heat between them. He gives Aqua the digits. Obviously, she calls him at some point, and thus their adventure.

The couple wind up island-hopping, and eventually find themselves on a little known Isle with a strange name. Now, I must tell you, the pair were advised not to make this trip. But they are grown, so they did what they had to do.

On the little known isle, strange things begin to happen… Aqua begins to sleep walk–although she has never done so before in her life. In the dark of night she glides through the bayou, despite the murky swamp world being filled with ravenous alligators.

Now I tell you all this because I need to get to the sequel which I’m polishing up for soon release. I’ll soon give you the name of it. Oh, I’m excited about it! because in it you again connect with characters from EXODUS, even some that may have seemed obscure. However, there are new people, and these characters are just as interesting, or maybe more so than those you ‘met’ in EXODUS.

Oh–time’s up. You know I’ve got to run.  I’ll be back though, because we’ve got to get through this, so stay tuned… and I’ll get with you soon.

Make today a good one!


January 31, 2010

Exodus, And It’s Sequel

I need to tell you about a book I wrote. It’s called EXODUS and it is a mystery that hints at the supernatural. The reason I need to tell you about this book is because in time I want to tell you about another. You see, EXODUS is the first in the Sea Isles Series, a trilogy and I’d like to tell you about the second book, the sequel.

However, first I must give you some background on EXODUS. I need to, so that when I tell you about the sequel, you’ll be able to keep up. Now EXODUS (available at Amazon.com) is about a sultry woman who, like some women, would like to get married. Her name is Aqua–you’ll need to read the story to find out why–and she has  been involved for years with the owner of a posh supper club. This man, Dyson, does not want marriage. Yet he proposes–that Aqua should fill in at his club, for his absentee hostess.

Well! Doesn’t that just beat all? Anyway, Aqua is insulted. Yet after a bit she is compelled to ‘help Dyson out.’  And in doing so, she winds up meeting another… Latin businessman Noel cannot keep his eyes from straying, time and again, back to Aqua. Believing she is actually the supper club’s hostess, he converses with her. Unbeknown, Dyson is in his office, watching the exchange on one of many monitors.

Now, I’m giving you facts on this story, so I can eventually get around to letting you know about the sequel that I happen to be excited about. It will be released this year. I will tell you more about EXODUS, to get you up to speed, but never fear, I will only give you so much. And I have to tell you, if you don’t check it out, you will simply have missed one great read!

To finish what we’ve started, I’ll have to get back with you–I’ve gotta run. Therefore, stay tuned my friends. Enjoy the rest of your day and I’ll see you back in a while.


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