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October 1, 2010

Finding Contentment In Solitude

As I stood out of doors, gazing at the beauty and the newness of another nippy fall morning, a hymn often  sang in my childhood came to mind, Great is thy faithfulness… It was penned by the hymnist and poet Thomas O. Chisolm who was born in the 1800’s. This timeless hymn, that gained widespread popularity while being sung at the crusades of Christian evangelist Billy Graham says: ‘morning by morning, new mercies I see.’

While pondering that beautiful stanza I realized it is true. Although in life we may not have everything we desire, yet we have life. Yes, and with that in mind I must tell you. I am learning that there is a certain kind of contentment in life’s stolen moments —like those that I spent this morning. There is precious solitude, and a gathering of ones self, just before the weight and the demands of the day begin to press in and intrude.

For me, there is yet another truism, also stated in Chisolm’s beautiful hymn, ‘all I have needed thy hands have provided.’ This I was able to note when during my few moments of solitude I reflected on all I do have. Again I realized that I needn’t be so apt to worry about what I don’t have, or what I have yet to achieve or attain.

This morning, as I stood there with dew at my feet, and the rising sun at my back, I watched my agile cat joyfully race up a tree after a squirrel. With a smile, I turned so that I might go, begin my work, the craziness of another day. However, I realized, there really is joy, and serenity, in the moments that are snatched … just for the purpose of feeding one’s soul.


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