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July 25, 2013

Bra Sense

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lotta bras

You know, I discuss something different each time I blog … and there happens to be something that I’ve wanted to broach for a while now — shapewear. I’d like to discuss it because no lovely lady can afford to discount what she wears beneath her clothing. Sure, you’ve got your face done – your foundation. Then you’ve got the smoky eyes and glossy lips. Your hair is coiffed and your clothes are chic; however, what about your foundation garments? (My mom used to mention those. She even took my sister and I to stores just for that.) I ask because the right underthings can take your look, as well as your confidence, up quite a few notches.


If you’re a tween, a teen, or even twenty-something, you may not need to know as much about shapewear as a woman who may have lived a little longer. But you’re never too young to learn. Why? Because those sexily rounded ‘gurlz’ of yours will not always remain so. Therefore I want to discuss shapewear, brassieres — bras in particular.


Did you know that a bra can be one of the most important pieces in a woman’s shapewear arsenal? Not only does it re-shape but it can even re-size, and this is important because drooping bazooms can make one look slouchy, or old.  I don’t want you to be in the dark. bra confusionThe right bra can create an enchanting, smooth and youthful silhouette, no matter what your size or age. The right one can cause you to appear pounds thinner, but most of all, wearing the right bra can elevate a woman’s confidence. Then you can go get that job, confidently make the team, or stand before that audience and proudly address the issue at hand.


If you’ve got boob spillage, out of the sides or the top of your bra, or if you’ve got fatty bits swelling from areas like the back…then you’re due up for a new one. If your bra looks like a piece of armor – all pointy, and if it makes your gurlz resemble torpedoes which leave poke-marks in your sweaters or tees, then we need to talk.


Lady, if you need an inexpensive ‘breast-lift’ or if you now need more fullness, we’ll discuss it. If yours are larger gurlz that have decided to lie flat, I got you. We’ll cover that. I want to touch on fit, cup size, band size, underwire, color, and brassiere terms. So come on back, because there is a whole world of bra sense out there, and we ‘bout to get some!


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